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Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions appear on the back side of our Written Estimate and Final Invoice forms. By submitting an item to Jackson Clock Repair for service, the owner agrees to the the following.

Additional Costs
Limited Warranty

Parties are defined as follows:

"Owner," "You" or "Your" refers to the owner of the item being serviced by Jackson Clock Repair.

"Jackson Clock Repair," "Technician," "We" or "Our" refers to Jackson Clock Repair or any authorized agent of Jackson Clock Repair.

1. Liability. Jackson Clock Repair cannot be held liable for damages not directly connected to the work we perform. Jackson Clock Repair nor any of its agents are held liable for loss or damage resulting from shipment, transportation, fire, theft or any other cause beyond its control. In no event is Jackson Clock Repair held liable for more than the replacement value of the damaged item at that time.

2. Ownership. By submitting an item for service, you confirm that you are: a) the owner of that item or b) its owner's authorized agent and release Jackson Clock Repair from any liability with regard to dispute ofownership.

3. Additional Costs. Any costs that are $20 or more above the total on the Written Estimate are not completed until the owner signs and returns a revised Written Estimate to Jackson Clock Repair.

4. Timeliness. Jackson Clock Repair will make a good faith effort to complete service within 60 days from the date the Written Estimate is signed. Requests for completion in less time are honored for an additional 20% of the final cost.

5. Payment. The Final Invoice must be paid in full before the item will be returned to the owner.

6. Non-Payment. If full payment is not made after a period of 90 days from the date of the Final Invoice, owner authorizes Jackson Clock Repair to sell the item to recover monies due. Exceptions to this policy must be made in writing on the Written Estimate or Final Invoice and signed by both the Owner and Jackson Clock Repair.

7. Limited Warranty. Overhauled metal movements are warranted to run for one year from the date of the Final Invoice unless noted differently on the Final Invoice or Written Estimate. Exceptions to this warranty are mainsprings; weight cables, cords and chains; wooden and quartz movements. Warranties are void if service or evidence of service is found to be done later by someone other than Jackson Clock Repair.

8. Discounts. Whether on the present service or granted on future services, discounts must be stated implicitly on the written estimate or implied through the itemization that is present on the written estimate. Discounts on future services will be given as long as the owner presents the original Written Estimate or Final Invoice from the previous service indicating the discount offer before the present service’s Written Estimate is signed.

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