Serving Middle and Western Tennessee
Based in Antioch and Paris, Tennessee

Fee Schedule

Base Services

Type of Clock In-Home
Clean & Oil Overhaul Movement
Wall, Shelf, 1 or 2 Train $15 $75 $175 $150 and Up
Wall, Shelf, 3 Train $25 $125 $200 $250 and Up
Floor $50 and Up $150 $250 $300 and Up
Torsion $15 $100 $185 N/A
Cuckoo, 1 or 2 Train $15 $75 $175 $150 and Up
Cuckoo, 3 Train $25 $125 $200 $175 and Up
Quartz, Time Only $5 and Up N/A N/A $20 and Up
Quartz, Time and Strike/Chime $25 and Up N/A N/A $50 and Up

Additional Services

Additional Bushings - Bushings installed above the five that are included with a full overhaul are charged at $12 each for floor clocks and $8 each on all other clocks.

Appraisals - Verbal appraisals are free. Written appraisals or those requiring research are billed at the research rate of $15 per hour.

Consignments - 30% of hammer or sale price plus the cost of any shipping materials if the item is shipped to the buyer.

Estimates - In-home estimates are free but subject to mileage charges. In-store, owner-present estimates are free. In-store, owner-absent estimates are also free but subject to a fee that the store may charge for holding your item.

House Calls - Charges are for distance to and from owner's location at $.50 per mile. Starting point is either the intersection of Market and Wood Streets (southwest corner of Court Square) in Paris, Tennessee or the intersection of Bell Road and I-24 (Exit 59, southeast of Nashville) in Antioch, Tennessee; whichever yields the lesser distance to the owner.

Research - Minimum charge of $15 and an additional $15 per hour thereafter.

Rush Service - 20% of final invoice cost.

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