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Based in Antioch and Paris, Tennessee

We're here to keep that clock a-tickin!

Jackson Clock Repair is happy to service your timepieces. We are careful and attentive clock collectors, so we will treat your items with all the more respect than you could ever want or need!

We can clean & oil or fully overhaul your clock, replace the movement, clean up the case, research the maker and model, provide an appraisal, consign your clock online or at collector events.

All estimates are free!

See our Services page to read more about what we can do for your clock.

What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Oil is the lifeblood of the clock but can also be its biggest enemy. Dirt, dust and particulate find their way into clock oil and gum up pivot and pinion surfaces. This can cause slow but potent destruction to critical surfaces if left to accumulate unabaited.

Worse still are the deliterious effects of lack of oil on bearing surfaces. Pivots, the holes in movement plates in which wheel arbors turn, can become ovalled when oil is not present to ease the metal-on-metal contact. Wheel arbors are then free to bounce around and operate in a chaotic manner causing pivots to bend and wear, leading to odd noises and worn pinion or wheel teeth.

About Jackson Clock Repair

I have been infatuated and tinkering with clocks since the age of six. The interest is not a common or inexpensive one, so the experience of repair has been slow and steady. My current collection is predominantly american shelf clocks, about 25 in number. Each one of them has been a new lesson in another subject of clock repair.

Recently, I was taken on as an assistant by another repairer with 30 years experience. Those around me started asking if I could do work for them, so Jackson Clock Repair was born.

Jackson Clock Repair is based in Antioch, Tennessee and also accepts work in the Paris, Tennessee area. Availability in the Paris area will be as regular as possible however still based on need and appointment.

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